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YES! I’m ready to get some actual results with the MyVitalC! I’m excited for the energy boosts, germ-fighting protection and nights of higher quality sleep!

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I find I’m sleeping a lot deeper. Which means I’m waking up refreshed, I’m having more energy, I’m more focused.

Cheyenne J.

After taking MyVitalC for 3 months, I have definitely slept better, I’ve been more focused AND I have a lot more energy!

Koryna R.

I’m always late at night and working long hours. MyVitalC gets me up in the morning right away. My sleep is better and my energy is a lot better!

Raul S.

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1) What is ESS60?

ESS60 is a powerful antioxidant that’s made from a Nobel Prize winning nanomolecule. Antioxidants are like bodyguards for your immune system because they destroy free radicals while helping your body fight germs.
To give you an idea of how powerful ESS60 is, it’s been scientifically proven to have an antioxidant power that’s 172X greater than Vitamin C.

2) What should I expect from the MyVitalC?

Out of our thousands of customers, the most widely reported benefits are better sleep and increased energy.

3) Is ESS60 safe?

Yes, ESS60 is safe.  Out of our thousands of customers, the biggest complaint has been that it can take some time to get used to consuming 1 teaspoon of olive oil.  We use on the highest grade of 100% organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.  This detoxing usually takes 2-3 days.

4) How come doctors have never heard of ESS60? Why haven’t I seen this supplement in stores?

ESS60 started becoming popular in 2017 because of our company MyVitalC. We are the only known company that can safely create ESS60 in its purest form. That’s how new ESS60 is and has just started becoming popular in the supplement world. We are not currently in any retail stores yet and the best way to get MyVitalC is on this page.

5) My friend has reported seeing way better sleep in just 2 weeks and noticed he recovered from a really bad cold in a matter of days. Is this normal?

We can’t say how long it would take for you to recover from being sick, everyone’s body is different. Although we can’t guarantee this timeline, we’ve heard similar reports from many customers.

6) How much MyVitalC do I need to take each day? What if I miss a dose?

To get all the antioxidant and health–boosting benefits, all you need is one teaspoon of MyVitalC each morning. Our customers love how easy it is compared to taking 5-10 vitamins everyday. We recommend taking it in the morning because of the energy boosting benefits.
If you miss a dose, don’t worry. MyVitalC isn’t supposed to be a temporary solution like typical over-the-counter medicines. It’s a long term solution that works with your body like eating a healthy diet. So missing a day won’t leave you unprotected.

7) How long will one bottle of MyVitalC last me? Will I need to order more?

If you follow our advice and take one teaspoon a day, one bottle of MyVitalC should last you 30 days.
After you run out, we encourage you to order again if you’re seeing the benefits. We even offer customers a subscription plan for you to save and never miss out on supply.

8) Why does it take so long to make a batch of MyVitalC?

Our rigorous safety and quality control process makes sure we have the purest and highest quality ingredients. But the downside is that we can’t rush this process and it takes time.
As of right now, it takes us a little more than a month to make a batch of MyVitalC.
That’s why a lot of customers like to go on a subscription plan or order months of supply in advance. Anytime we have a sale like this, we tend to sell out extremely fast.

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